Strange Story

Strange story comes to us from York Peninsula - our Minlaton correspondent writing on February 17 says "a singular looking object was seen yesterday at 6.40 pm by Mr M. O'Dea - a well known resident here - he says that he was driving from Stans bury and when about one-and-a-half miles from Minlaton, the horses gave a sudden start and when looking up he saw a strange looking object on the road about two-and-a-half chains in front of him. In appearance it was formed like a man, stood from seven to seven and a half feet in height and was covered in feathers of a very light colour. It went along the centre of the road for about two hundred yards at a great pace taking enormous strides. Mr O'Dea put his horses into a gallop, but it still increased it s distance until coming to a bush fence when it put out one of its arms which was like that of a human being only very much larger and made a loud noise which he could only describe as being between the bellowing of a cow and the peculiar noise made by an emu when calling its young. It easily cleared the fence and was soon lost to view in the thick scrub. When it turned off the road, the outline of its face was that of a monkey.


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