Hi - I am Goldseeker and I live in:

Adelaide, South Australia - down under.

Aged 57 with my birthday being 12th November.

I am married with 2 children (32F) and (30M) and 4 grandchildren.

My previous job was an electoral assistant for 6 years to a former Federal Member of Parliament, who was also a Junior Minister and prior to that I was the liaison officer to the State Premier.

I have also worked as a toolmaker/toolroom machinist for General Motors Holdens for 17 years.

At the moment I am 'between jobs.

I spent most of 1963 and 1964 on a working holiday in New Zealand.

I studied on a part time basis at Flinders University between 1976 and 1987- gaining two degrees with majors in Economic History, Politics and Earth Sciences.

I have just finished a course on how to cut and polish opals - something I did back in 1974/75 - one never knows where it might lead?

I hope to make and sell enough to be able to pay for a trip to the US of A.

Over the previous ten years or so I have made a number of trips to the Victorian Gold Fields with my metal detector and with the help of a mate from NZ, together we have found over 100 gold nuggets.

My other interests include cricket, reading about the mysterious, economic history, stamp collecting and anything to do with rocks?



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