History (How we came to be)

VMP Developments started off as a part time Information Technology service looking after home user clients, while the owner continued his study (most of this was for free).

"I was the local computer guru that every one came to for Information" Quotes Vince Pannell.

That was 8 years ago.

Since that time things have progressed in leaps and bounds.

January 1995
Vince started lecturing at the Noarlunga Campus of TAFE in a new programming language called Visual Basic and continued to teach this class up until January of 1999 where he shifted focus to teaching the Linux Operating system.

January 1996
Vince won the position of Computer Systems Manager at Noarlunga TAFE (Later re-titled to Information Technology Campus Manager with the advent of EDS Network take over).
In this position he managed 3-5 (4 NetWare and 1 Linux) servers and about 500 PC’s, with only himself and 1 trainee as staff members.  

October 1997
VMP Developments released it first version of Password 97, a program that increases security on the Windows 95 Platform. The program received reasonable sales from all around the world and is still doing so today. This was when VMP Developments began its business career in earnest.

December 1997
Vince noticed that there was very little support out there for the small to medium business in the IT field so after some very heavy discussions with his wife (Tracy) it was decided that VMP Developments SA would be formed. And the date was set.

"As soon as people found out what I was planning to do I started getting work from everywhere." Says Vince.

At this time Vince also formed a Strategic Alliance with a very successful Computer Shop in the Christies Beach area called THE ELECTRONIC BRAIN.

So for six months Vince worked full time for TAFE and almost full time for himself until that wonderful day of retirement. (30-6-1998)

July 1-7-1998
VMP Developments SA opened its doors for the first time. The two Directors (Vince and Tracy) sat back and enjoyed there first day in business. That was about the last time they got to sit back and relax too. From that time on it has been non stop, with all work coming purely by word of Mouth.

March 1999
Finally forced to expand ----- After getting so much work Vince was finally forced to expand the business and started looking for some good help that he could subcontract some of the current workload to. After some negotiations a strategic alliance was formed with two other IT Computing Services.

Simo’s World of Technology (SWOT) and Trilobytes.

Both of these companies work with and represent VMP Developments Pty Ltd in all work contracted to them.
With this Alliance in place we can now supply even better services to our existing clients and any future clients.

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